About Press Build

The Press Build will be available to those who do article or video reviews of PC Games. If you would like to request a press build copy please click on the 'Request Press Build' link under the 'Press Build' menu item.
The Press Build will allow you to start and completely play through 5 games. This will allow you to play as and against a variety of races. It also includes a tutorial that will help you through your first game.
We use a special 'Active' achievement system that we designed. This allows you to get special in game artifacts that become available to you in your current game and all games going forward.
The game has 48 total achievements grouped into 12 groups of 4. Once you have completed 4 in the same group it unlocks that achievement artifact and it becomes available to you immediately.
There are a total of 12 achievement artifacts in a variety of categories. We have drastically reduced the cost to complete these achievements in order to allow you to gain some of these achievement artifacts while you play.
The press build will include a .pdf manual which is currently 87 pages long. This manual explains how to play the game and includes images and charts. The game also features an in-game help screen which will give you help on your current screen.