About -FAQ's

Just what is Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures?

Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures  (SFA) is a 2D space simulation that contains space exploration, planetary exploration with a touch of rogue elements.


When will SFARA be released?

We do not have a release date as of yet. We are in the final stages of testing and are in the process of integrating the game on Steam. But we are shooting for fall 2016.

How much will SFA cost?

The price for SFARA is set at $9.99.

Where can I purchase SFARA?

It is currently available on Steam and Amazon.

Tell me about the races?

There are 45 races. They are divided into 9 groups of 5.  Each group being a race level.  At first you can only play as one of the 5 level 1 races and you can only play against the level 1 & 2 races. As you defeat a race during a game that race unlocks for you to play as.  Once you have defeated all 5 races in a level the next level unlocks.

What options can you choose when starting a game and can you tell me about these options?

You can select your race, the enemy race and the difficulty level. You can also select one of the pre-selected captain names or you can choose your own.

You also get to choose three artifacts from a list of 15 to start the game with. As you unlock each new level of races, you get 3 more artifacts to choose from and you get to start the game with one additional artifact.


How do you travel from star to star and how many ships are in your fleet?

You can only have one fleet at a time and if you lose your fleet the game is over. Initially your fleet can hold 3-5 ships, depending on the skill level you start the game with.


Does SFA support Multi-Player?

No. SFA is just a single player game with you against the computer.


Does SFA Contain any Micro-Managing?

No, SFA does not have any micro-managing. You simply collect metals, gases, fuels, life forms, research units and a few other specialty items. Most of these can be sold for GMU’s which can then be used to purchase ships and items at your home world. The only thing you need to worry about managing is what you spend your research units on.


How does the Planet exploration work?

Once you enter orbit around a planet you can deploy your planet lander to the surface. When you land on the planet you are not moving around the entire planet. Each planet has a list of nodes that contain resources, life forms or possibly some other items or places on interest. You click on the node to explore that area of the planet only. Once the entire area has been cleared the node goes away from the list, then you enter another node and clear that area. Cleared Nodes will only appear if enough time has passed allowing those resources to replenish themselves.

Before deploying your planet lander you need to make sure the techtonics, planet temperature and atmospheric conditions are not too dangerous for your planet lander. You may want to avoid very hot planets until you have  heat shields for the planet lander.

If the planet contains life-forms you will need to contend with them as well. You can kill or stun life-forms. Stunned life-forms can them be transported to your ship using your planet landers transporter feature.


How do the ship battles work?

The ship battles are fleet versus fleet, pirate outpost or star base. You will always fight with your fleet. The enemy with either be a race, pirate or rebel fleet, a pirate outpost or a race star base. 


How do I win the game?

To win the game you must defeat your main enemies star base. These are well equipped with turrets so your fleet should be fully upgraded before attempting this. Before you can attack a races star base you must first have defeated all of their fleets.

Do you have any plans for future DLC?

There are three DLC's that we have been considering. The game already has the architecture for them. When any DLC's become available the DLC Content button will become active. The DLC's will probably only be $.99 - $1.49 range. These will be available through steam.

I've never heard of Blue Blaze Gaming Inc... just who are you guys?

Blue Blaze Gaming Inc. was recently formed (2014) by Walter D. La Croix and is a small indie game publisher. Walter has been involved with designing and programming games since the mid 80's and has had several of his games published in the past.