Patch Notes

The most recent patch notes are listed at the top.

Patch Notes for Release version released on June 7th 2017

Fixed an issue where the player would get a message stating the tutorial was over whenever they left a space station, merchant ship encounter or star lane warp encounter even if the tutorial was not active.

Fixed an issue on the Research Station Encounter where the player could not sell life forms to the station for research units. Also added a ‘Sell All Life Forms (+XX RU’s)’ button where XX is the amount of RU’s the player would get for selling all their life forms.

Fixed an issue on the ‘Start A New Game’ screen where some of the Tooltips for the header icons for the ships weapons had their x and y mouse coordinates a little off. This appears when you would first select a ship (RMB) and then mouse over the icons.

We had one game crash reported when summoning the merchant ship. We were unable to duplicate the issue. If anyone else gets this please send us a screen shot of the error message.

Added a message stating ‘You can toggle between Full screen and Windowed mode at anytime by pressing F1’ when you first get to the initial game menu screen. This can be done from any of the game screens. Apparently having this information in the game manual, tutorial and in the players top GUI wasn’t enough.